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Water Department Transfer

Abbeville Water Department 

​​Water System Acquisition 

In July 2014, the Town of Abbeville acquired the assets and operation of Abbeville Water Association water system. The water system will operate as Town of Abbeville Water Department governed by the Mayor and Board of Alderman. 

The water rate will remain at $20.00 per month until all water meters are replaced and a meter reader is hired. Once the meters are installed, you will be billed on a rate determined and published by the Board of Alderman times your monthly usage. It will take at least 2 months of readings and parallel processing before you will receive a bill reflecting the new rate and process. 

Robert Neese ahs been hired as water operator.  Steve Shankles retired as of July. 

Renay Smith will continue as the Water Department’s Billing Clerk.  For those who wish to continue draft payment, an authorization form found on this web site will need to be completed.  Another method of payment will be available through this Web site. Mailing your payment will be an option.  Billing questions should be referred to Renay Smith. While other complaints, issues, water leaks, etc. may be reported to Renay, the Mayor and/or Board of Aldermen will respond.  

Water meters for all existing customers will be replaced. Target date for completion is October 2014.

Article Date:   9/19/2014   |   Expiration Date:   10/15/2014

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