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Water Rates Set

​​Board of Alderman set water rates

​Water Rates

To our valued consumers,

The Town of Abbeville water department has completed the task of installing new water meters for every existing water customer.  We appreciate the patience you have displayed during this process.  The changeover has been inconvenient at times and we apologize for that.  Hopefully the worst is behind us!
Abbeville water department will begin reading meters on October 1st.  Mr. Neese will read the meters during the first week and again at the end of October.  When you receive your November bill you will have an actual real monthly bill and also an example of what your bill will be when we start charging the metered rates. The water department will not actually start charging metered rates until December.  Our sample bills will give you a chance to view your water usage and determine if you possibly have leaks that need to be repaired.  If it appears that you have extremely high usage you should try to pinpoint what is causing it and if it is something that needs to be repaired or if it is just a matter of being conscious of how much water you are using.
The Town of Abbeville has set the new rate system as follows:
The minimum bill will remain at $20.00-this allows you a 2000 gallon per month usage.
The overage gallons will be charged at $5.00 per thousand after 2000 gallons.
Your bill shows you used 4000 gallons  
$20.00 -1-2000 gallons
$10.00-2001-4000 gallons
$30.00 total bill
Abbeville water department has also acquired software that will allow us to draft water payments from any bank.  We have enclosed an authorization form for you to fill out and return if you wish to utilize this benefit.  Also, coming in the near future we will be capable of accepting online payments.  Those of you who have been paying by bank draft at Abbeville bank were recently asked to sign a new authorization form, you do not need to do anything further.  Abbeville Bank draft accounts will continue as usual.  When we start billing at metered rates you will receive a statement prior to your bank draft date.  
It is our desire for the implementation of this new billing system to go as smooth as possible.  We understand you will have questions and concerns and we will do our best to answer those questions and quiet those concerns.  For questions regarding billing please contact Renay Smith at 662-715-9467 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday thru Friday.  For any other concerns please contact Scott Fricker at 662-816-8938.

Article Date:   9/15/2014   |   Expiration Date:   10/15/2014

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